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Josh Neuder   (#136)   
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Mesa, AZ
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Alternatives to Litigation, LLC
2266 South Dobson Rd, Suite 200

Mesa, AZ  

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I pursued my undergraduate education at Brigham Young University, where I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology in 1996.  I earned my Master of Arts in Psychology at Duquesne University in 1997, and continued my graduate school journey at Seattle University, where I obtained my School Psychologist Educational Specialist Degree in 2001.


I furthered my education and returned to graduate school at Benedictine University, where I earned my Masters in Educational Leadership in 2009.


As a former residential facility intake person working with troubled youth, I practiced the art of looking past one's imperfections to see the dignified person in all of us.


In my nine year career as a school psychologist, I have continued to experience the joy of working with students, parents, and staff to find meaningful ways to improve learning.  Just as important and rewarding, I value conflict and disagreement as healthy ways to find mutually beneficial outcomes.  


I carried this desire and experience during my six years as a special education administrator, where I had the distinct opportunity to focus on formal and informal conflict resolution, building relationships with parents and staff working through complex cases, and honing negotiation skills.

As a mediator who is admittedly new to the "formal" field, I have nurtured a passion to become a mediator since I was 17 years old.  My aforementioned experience has benefited me greatly for working with families: whether it be working with parents coming to the realization that their child was in serious trouble, grieving about the intensity of their child's disabilities, feeling intense animosity toward a school, or experiencing death or other loss, I have been humbled by the wonderful people I have encountered in my career.  In the field of psychology, I have particular interest in Carl Rogers, Victor Frankl, and existential phenomenology.  These people and schools of thought, along with my personal beliefs and views, have led to my having a unique excitement for working with individuals who are experiencing disagreement and stress in their lives.  I strongly believe in finding deep, meaningful connections with people who are going through conflicts, as these connections foster empowerment and solutions.